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2 Bedroom Homes ideal for Small Families

There are many small families who are looking for 2 bedroom houses in Chennai within their budgets. There will be one or two earning members in the families and the families would either come under the middle or upper middle classes. Such families look forward for purchasing 2 BHK home so as to lead a comfortable life even when their family size grows, reported in Amarprakash builders reviews. If they go for such abode, they can allot one room for their kids so that their kids can also enjoy the freedom and space required when they grow. Such homes are within the budgets of the middle income groups, they can buy these homes to lead a peaceful life. Continue reading

Things to know while cancelling the booked house

Here in this article, we have come forward to help those who want to know about what are the things to know when one is going to cancel the booked house. For example, an individual brought a house in 2014 Jan, and he/she decides to cancel the booking and bear the essential loss, said the general info in reviews about Amarprakash builders.The process of canceling the booking is unfamiliar to many. Let us make people aware of it through this scheme. The common problem faced by people is the individual have to bear the charges for delayed project and cancellation fees charged by the developer. Continue reading

Does North or South Chennai have scope for Residential market?

Generally, if we consider the real estate growth in Chennai, both residential and commercial real estate goes hand in hand. Because of the availability of port in the city, it can be seen that the areas nearby to the port have shown lot of industrial and business growth in the past, given review on Amarprakash builders. This has led to the development of residential real estate in these areas, because of the growing job and business opportunities in northern part which is nearby to the port. Continue reading

Will election bring Positivity to Real Estate Market?

A newly formed government, whether at the state or central, would bring a positive impact on the real estate market and sentiments of individuals. This is what reflected in the survey recently conducted by property index. About 45% of the experts felt positive impact in the property market in metro like Mumbai, Indore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Bhopal, Bangalore etc during the change in the government, explained Amar prakash builder review. Not only the specialist, even the individuals feel that real estate sector gives a positive and secure feeling during the time of new government formation. Although 40% of the individuals commented on this positively, about 20% said that the new government doesn’t give any positive impact on the realty market regarding property buying process. Continue reading

Latest norms of CMDA speeds up building approvals

Currently, the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority is taking effective action to make sure that the buildings in Chennai and its surrounding areas are constructed according to the norms and rules of construction sector. CMDA has executed this step by increasing about 10 times the staff strength in the agency’s Enforcement Cell, by doing so, the committee assures that every building that is in under construction in the metro is subject to thorough and proper inspection and the buildings are constructed by following norms and rules, given in the reviews on amarprakash builders. This move not only inspects the house thoroughly, but also issues the completion certificate quicker without making the applicants to wait for longer duration. Continue reading