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The cost of Temple Waves Kundrathur Apartments remained Stable even with Government Regulatory Changes

Today, the government of India is making more changes in the regulatory system of the real estate market. Most of these changes are aimed to protect the interest of the buyers. In the year 2012, during the session of parliament, right to fair compensation and transparency in land acquisition, rehabilitation and resettlement bills were passed. This legislation would pay the compensation for the property owner for taking his or her land for the development of industrialization, urbanization and infrastructure. One key provision of the payment bill is that the property owner living in urban areas like the project of Temple Waves Kundrathur would get twice the market value and those who stay in rural area would get four times the market value. On the positive side, the complaint of the property owners that they are paid off less compensation for their land would be addressed properly.

On the other hand, this let to the rise in the cost of land acquisition for the developers which in turn make the real estate properties to increase and makes it difficult to acquire a property like Temple Waves Chennai by the end users. This is not fully true, it is only partly true as this provision applies only if at least 50 acres of urban land or100 acres of rural plot is acquired by the developer. This let to the development of residential, commercial and retail real estate projects. The areas that witnessed a huge development are Kundrathur, Chrompet, Thiruneermalai and lots more areas. When you witness Chrompet, you would see many residential and commercial projects of Amarprakash like Temple Waves Kundrathur and lots more.

Since builders like Amarprakash are constructing many mega-raised townships, they won’t mind about such kinds of bill’s provision. You could notice how the builders never consider the bill’s provision from their construction of many projects including Temple Waves Kundrathur etc. Sometimes, “the market value” also leads to an incorrect assumption of the land value. This is because the market value is determined on the basis of registered sale deeds. Amarprakash developers are on top of the real estate market, as it is a company that deals in professional qualification and setting of standards in the real estate field. Along with this, Amarprakash builders have adopted internationally recognized valuation standards for all their projects including Temple Waves Kundrathur says Temple Waves review.

Developments of a large number of new townships are becoming imperative in Chennai because of high rate of migration from rural to urban areas. Builders like Amarprakash reduce the population pressure by constructing many township projects like Temple Waves Kundrathur. No delay in acquisition can be undergone by people who buy a property from Amarprakash developers’ reports Temple Waves reviews.